Racheal SageRachael Sage’s “Catch The Light (Acoustic)” is an emotionally raw, stirring reflection about transcending pain via faith.

Accentuated by finger-picked acoustic guitar and violin, the music features melodies composed when Sage was only 11 years old. Poignant lyrics reflect a newfound sense of hope and determination, gathered during her recent cancer recovery but achieving even greater resonance now. Co-produced by Sage and Grammy® winner Andy Zulla.

“When I was in junior high school, I was asked to compose something for my 7th grade graduation assembly. I was known as ‘the girl who played piano’ so of course, I was delighted. Last year, when I was recovering from uterine cancer, I inevitably found myself going through memorabilia – I guess in a way, I was taking a kind of inventory of my life. I found an old school program listing my 7th grade instrumental song ‘We’re Moving On’ and started playing it on my keyboard, and within minutes I had written brand new lyrics.

It felt like a gift that during a very adult crisis, I had found a childhood melody from which to draw strength and build upon. Singing it now, I like to think I am honoring my 11-year-old self, and assuring her that she still believes in hope and forgiveness, now as much as ever.”

Rachael Sage - Catch The Light (Acoustic) - Official Lyric Video
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