Mexican Heritage evident in this range of inventive jewelry.

Jewelry these days is all about statement pieces and I have fallen in love with the statements Harper Hallam is making. All the pretty things of Harper Hallam are from the wondrously inventive CEO and designer Rebecca Hallam. She’s the consummate traveler who loves to be surrounded by friends and family. She has a keen eye for design and loves to draw from her Mexican heritage. Culture plus couture, she calls it.


Much of her work is designed to layer up, the chunkier the better. My kind of look for sure.  But the pieces are also so lovely they could stand entirely alone, one magnificent ring pulling together an entire outfit. Hallam loves to use rough-cut gemstones, diamonds, and baroque pearls, as well as 24k gold leaf or polished steel. Materials are her playgrounds.

Harper Hallam began with some modest plans to update several pieces from her grandmother’s jewelry collection. But, before she knew it, Hallam realized that that was just the beginning and so the Harper Hallam line was born. 


The pieces are so inventive, so pretty, so standout. They're the kind of jewelry you wear with jeans and a white shirt or a little black dress and change your look from "That again?" to "Wow! Is that new?"


And the names are as inspirational as the necklaces and bracelets and rings themselves. I fell in love with the colors and textures and sometimes startling styles with piles of crystals and strands of beads and natural, one of a kind pieces and materials.


The colors are a mix of neutrals and gunmetals, of nature's own surprises and of the colors that could only come from the human imagination.


There are too many pieces that I think are absolutely dreamy to pick just one favorite. But I will say I completely fell for a piece from the Harper Hallam Fringe collection called Ripples. It’s a necklace made from strands after strand of the tiniest gray Swarovski crystals and is accented by the introduction of the tiniest of gold-washed beads. I love to pair it with a t-shirt and blazer. Every time I wear it, people go crazy over it.

And it is surprisingly light, thank God. I love to wear pieces that look crazy chunky but that don’t give me neck and shoulder pain by the end of the day. The All the Lights bracelet would make a delicious companion if a girl really wanted to take things over the top with strand after strand of crystal and tiny pops of gold bead woven in.

I also cannot stop dreaming about the insanely gorgeous Amazon and the Atlanta rings filled with mine cut diamonds, black enamel and silver. Wow. And the Grace necklace with hand-knotted turquoise jasper, a Pavé diamond clasp and bead and an interchangeable Amazonite pendant and gunmetal tassel. Holy smokes. Drool-worthy, boho style at its chic-est.

The Carpe Diem and Night sky bracelets are also glorious with gobs of gunmetal and gold chains and an Italian vermeil toggle, as well as a Gold-washed Roman coin on the former and the most gorgeous gold-edged natural druzy agate on the latter.


But the piece that actually makes me giddy is the Jeanne d’Arc ring. It’s a one of a kind diamond and tanzanite piece that is fit for a queen. You know, with gay marriage becoming legal in a new state almost every other week, ring shopping season is nigh…