Book Cover for Release The Stars By Harper BlissThis is a contemporary lesbian romance novel set in the glitzy world of Hollywood.

Ms. Bliss has challenged herself to write a book a month for a year. This is an amazing goal to set, but she is off to an excellent start with Release the Stars.

Charlie is a successful writer whose books are being made into a TV series. She is trying to get over her ex who left her for and married, a man. She is obsessed with finding a girlfriend who is 100% lesbian. One day, her BFF Nick takes her to a dinner party hosted by Charlie’s celebrity crush and a woman she has lusted over for years – a TV chef, Ava.

The women hit it off and form a quick friendship. Before long, it looks like something much more personal might happen, if only Charlie would let go of her fear and her notion of an ideal 100% lesbian woman.

I really loved the storyline in this book. Who doesn’t dream of a chance with her celebrity crush, and having that crush wants you in the same way?

The main characters are great, and the secondary characters are wonderful, adding colour to the story. Charlie is so easy to love while being totally frustrating at the same time. She is scared, angry – a bit lost, but mostly hurt and confused. She isn’t able to see her role in her break-up, instead of focusing on the pain and anger toward her ex and the man she married. I think we all have blinders like that on at some point in our lives. It’s easier to deny and blame than take a good look at the whole picture. It is only after Ava and Nick call Charlie on this (more than once) that she takes a real look at the situation. After talking to her ex, she is finally able to move on, letting herself be free from all the weight she had been carrying.

Charlie was a damsel in distress and Ava her knight with shining cookware. Ava is sweet, charming, and genuine. She is also patient, gentle, and determined to win her lady’s heart no matter the cost to her own heart. I adored her to pieces!

It was a pleasure to see Charlie grow the heck up and change her way of seeing things. The relationship is friendly and romantic; it develops and strengthens over time. I loved this precious romance and eagerly await Ms. Bliss’ next book in the series.