Lesbians On The LooseThese are tales of murder, mayhem, and suspense by some of today’s finest crime writers.

Lesbians on the Loose is a collection of fifteen stories by a star-studded cast of authors, including some of my favourites. Other authors, I had never heard about before. And isn’t that one of the best things about anthologies? To be able to give authors a chance and maybe find new gems?


I was overjoyed to see this many crime/mystery writers come together in one place. They did not disappoint The stories are so different, ranging from cops and private investigators to a teenage sleuth, a mystery writer, and more. Some of the stories are serious, some are happy, and some are just cute and funny, like the pair of dogs who steal their ‘mum’s things to help a friend.


You won’t regret giving this anthology a chance and enjoy the stories by these terrific writers: Elizabeth Sims, Carsen Taite, SY Thompson, Andi Marquette, Linda M. Vogt, VK Powell, Kate McLachlan, Lori L. Lake, Lynn Ames, Sandra de Helen, Jen Wright, Sue Hardesty, Jessie Chandler, J.M. Redmann, and Katherine V. Forrest