DJ Lisa Pittman is counting down the days until the ultimate lesbian party, Shedonism Las Vegas.

 DJ and CEO of Shedonism, Lisa Pittman is excited, very excited and you should be, too. The reason? She is gearing up for a sinful and Sapphic time in what used to be known as “Sin City.”

Yes ladies, that’s right: Las Vegas, the LGBT-friendly, neon-lit desert oasis is again opening its arms for lesbians to do what they do best: party hard, flirt, and have fun in the sun.

Shedonism is a weekend long celebration studded with scores of gorgeous girls, day parties, nightclub parties, pop stars, singers, dancers, performers, DJs, comedians, showgirls, poker tournaments—and a parade. After all, it is the official women’s event of Las Vegas Pride, complete with a resort hotel take over. We caught up with Lisa to get the lowdown on the next generation of lesbian partying.

What does Shedonism Las Vegas mean to you?

Shedonsim Las Vegas means everything to me. Essentially it just might be a main staple of my career. I have been a DJ for a decade in the best of “mainstream” Vegas nightclubs, including TAO and Marquee. Simultaneously I was producing local weekly girl parties.

I was raised in Vegas and consider it my hometown. All these ingredients came together to form one very unique women’s weekend in Vegas, Shedonism, it’s basically the past decade of all my work combined.

How would you describe the crowd and the atmosphere?

I’m very impressed with the crowd. Shedonism draws an awesome crowd! A young professional crowd interested in music and art. They’re from the generation that didn’t have to hide their sexuality as much.

They’re more uninhibited, adventurous and traveling the world for entertainment and lifestyle events is a part of their culture.  Shedonism draws the next generation of girl parties crowd—a city girl crowd, a crowd that’s good looking, fashion forward, and the type of person that will travel for entertainment, the music festival generation.

Generally our crowd skews within the age 25 to 35 and I find that creates a more friendly and compatible environment being that they have more in common with one another.

How would you describe your style as a DJ?

My style as a DJ is Las Vegas style. That means high-energy. I play for mainstream clothes mostly. And I’ve been specifically on the genre of hip-hop a trap.

With the success of Shedonism,  I actually no longer DJ my own event.  For Shedonism I specifically wear the hat of producer. But, the music will still be the best part of the event (beside potentially meet your soul mate) I put the best girls in the business on my roster ever year.

And each year I have the opportunity to showcase new talent and change the events so it’s significantly different from every year. Only one thing that will stay the same from year to year and that’s that it’s just keeps getting better.

What have been the highlights of your career so far—go on, blow your own trumpet!

I’ve had so many highlights of my career. I have played main stages with some of the most popular artists in history.

I’ve been able to travel the world with what I do, playing music for people. I have been blessed to meet, work with and share ideas with the few companies in our industry that do what we do…  companies started by women and centered around women’s events.

I’ve worked for the biggest event company of all—Club Skirts Dinah, and seen the world with Olivia travels.

What will you be playing for the girls? 

This year we spent a lot of money on entertainment. We have a sexy dancer troop for visual entertainment as well as some of the best female djs in the country.

We have performance acts including multi platinum recording artist DEV as well as up and coming artist IVY LEVAN and of course our favorite lesbian band Hunter Valentine Hot off the press from their VH1 show, Make Or Break with Linda Perry.

Anything else you’d like to add?

As someone who’s from Las Vegas I have watched Las Vegas become a hot city for everyone. As well as a top three destination in the world for lesbian travelers.

Shedonism is experiencing Vegas with a niche carved out for gay women. We have a host hotel close to the strip and reserved nightclubs for the weekend. Shedonism is partners with Las Vegas Pride and an annual event every September.