bride holding flowersWant to be a part of an e-book on Same-Sex Marriage?

My partner of 32 years and I married recently. With same-sex couples now able to marry when they want, soon there won’t be any lesbian couples who have had to wait for as long as we did.

I would love to talk to other long-termers who have either married or who are considering it.  Has legal recognition made you feel differently about your relationship, for example, more secure?

How do you refer to each other e.g. as wife or spouse or partner? How did you break the news to your family, friends and workmates who have known you for years as a couple and to others who you have only told since your wedding? How did they react? Do you believe there is more acceptance of you now that you are a married couple?

I have written for LOTL for over 20 years and wish to write an e-book focusing on the experiences of couples who married after being together for several years. Please contact Deborah Singerman to tell of your own ground-breaking moment with your relationship finally – and legally – recognised in Australia. I’d love to hear from you.