Jackie Warner
Jackie Warner

The Uber-fit Jackie Warner, has five successful businesses, including the Bravo hit show Work Out (now in its third season) and a new fitness DVD, One-on-One with Jackie. She divulges to us why she’s so self-obsessed, who she wants to sleep with and what she thinks of straight guys.

Love or hate her, it seems that regardless of your feelings about the uber-fit self-promoter Jackie Warner, there is no getting away from her. She’s got five successful businesses, including the Bravo hit show Work Out (now in its third season) and a new fitness DVD, One-on-One with Jackie, so if you’re into exercise, you will eventually run into her. And even though she is completely open about her life on the screen, there are still a few things we don’t know about Warner. Luckily, she divulges to us why she’s so self-obsessed, who she wants to sleep with and what she thinks of straight guys.

You own five businesses. Is your goal to be a fit lesbian Martha Stewart?

[Laughs.] “A fit lesbian Martha Stewart.” Yes. I mean that is exactly my goal. I want to cross over and see through all health, fitness, diet-related principles and I would like to be that main, go-to girl for all things having to do with health-related issues. Mainly food and sugar I deal a lot with depression, sleep disorders, things that are very important to women in particular. So I’m absolutely trying to position myself as a leader in that industry.

Have you had difficulties as a woman and an out lesbian in such a competitive business?

Not that much in L.A. because we’re so liberal here. Certainly around Middle America. What was very surprising and it was a nice surprise is Middle American middle-class housewives have embraced me. They’re one of my largest markets. I was very pleased to see that they ignored the lesbian aspect, ignored whatever issues they may have with gays and lesbians and have embraced me as just an individual.

I noticed that this season focuses on you being self-obsessed and self-important. Is that editing or accuracy?

No, I think that what people will see this season is that first of all, to own five businesses and to give all these people—I employ quite a few people and to keep them working and keep them happy and healthy and [my businesses] profitable, I have to be self-obsessed. The businesses are related to what I do. So my staff should be very thankful that I have a place that they can go to and make a lot of money, and have a relatively nice lifestyle.

I would have to agree with that.

Yes. I think that more than anything you’re just going to see a lot of jealousies coming out. Everybody has to make their own way and the people who make their own way, do it themselves and make something out of this opportunity should be happy. And the ones that don’t and haven’t fulfilled themselves, they’re gonna be bitching and complaining.

In Season Three I noticed that you were in a new relationship; however, after checking your MySpace page it indicates you’re single. Is that a typo…

[Laughs.] Oh, you know—here’s the deal. A reality show is not the best thing for a relationship. I don’t know many that really farewell. Yeah, we’ve gone through a rocky time and we’ll have to see because it’s up and down. Personally, on the MySpace page, I just made a choice to not make it about personal things. It’s really a fan page, so I really made it a choice just to be about business, about doing what I like to do, which is trying to inspire people and trying to give them tips monthly and this and that. So it doesn’t need to be a tool to shout who I’m with or what’s going on in my life.

So you would say it’s fairly hard to maintain a healthy relationship in the public eye?

Yeah, it is. It’s a stress on, not as much me, because I’m used to it by now. I’m familiar with it and I feel like everybody should sit right into my world and be just as happy and content and familiar with it too. Have fun with it, but they do not. It’s very difficult for someone to be put in the spotlight and have all their own insecurities that come along with that. I’m under my stress and can’t pull them through that while shooting.

Let’s talk about the two straight guys on the show Do you feel that you have to prove you’re the alpha dog with them?

Well, for me it’s not about alpha dogs or any of that, it’s about having respect for me as being your boss, and for you being employed by me. The only time I care is if you’re disrespectful in a work environment. That’s not about being alpha male or female, it’s simply about having respect for your boss and I would not have ever in my life have I treated my boss the way that either of them treated me.

If you could date or sleep with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Oh God, that’s a good question. I would hang out with Stevie Nicks because she was my idol growing up and I just adore her.