A month when Australians can come together to support women with breast cancer.

October is a time to support those affected by breast cancer, remember those who we’ve lost and celebrate the medical advances in fighting this disease.

“15,000 women and 125 men are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October is an opportunity to raise awareness of breast cancer and the impact it has on Australian women and families,” Breast Cancer Network Australia.

“Breast cancer hasn’t got anything to do with sexual preference, colour, race or religion. It strikes us all at random and we all feel the gamut of emotions that such a diagnosis arouses.”Judy (Breast Cancer Network Australia)

In support of women with breast cancer, and with a focus on lesbian’s with breast cancer, the Breast Cancer Network Australia has been working on helpful resources that support lesbians in their battle with cancer.

The Breast Cancer Network Australia provides resources, support and useful links. Online they share the personal stories of lesbians who have experienced breast cancer. Wether they’re battling breast cancer, have survived breast cancer or are the partners of women with breast cancer; their stories can help assist others.

Their website also offers links to other projects and online organisations, support groups, books, reports and clinical academic references; all of which offer information and support specifically for lesbians dealing with breast cancer.