Alicia DentSome people make the world more special just by being in it!

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year my life changed forever, despite the challenging side effects from the treatment, having breast cancer also resulted in one of the most positive events of my life.

Cancer makes you reflect about life and your own mortality, and you realise how short life may be.  After surgery and chemotherapy I was left unable to work as a secretary for a loss adjusting firm due to losing nerves in my hands and arms, and the harsh side effects from treatment, having breast cancer has made me want to support and help others with their treatment of cancer and surgery.

My friends and family could not find appropriate gifts that I could use or needed whilst going through my treatment, I received many cards and flowers but it saddened me to come home from breast surgery to find the flowers withered and I was unable to use the toiletry gifts, as chemotherapy and radiotherapy affects your skin, and many ingredients contain parabens and chemicals that react to treatment and therefore not recommended for people undergoing chemotherapy. I realised that there is not much out there offering help to people going through treatments.

This has given me the inspiration to help others.  I have dedicated many months of research to find practical and affordable gifts for anybody facing cancer, surgery or ill health, and also offers the recipients the peace of mind that their get well gifts are appreciated to help loved ones through their own personal ordeal.

I am still receiving treatment for my cancer but I hope that my website  helps people find that suitable gift for loved ones.


Hampers include:

  • Bathing and Showering
  • Soothing Sleep
  • Protect Skin, Hands, Nails and Mouth
  • Beanie cotton hats, woollen hats and scarves for hair loss
  • Chemotherapy, surgery, hospital care, general get well, maternity
  • Gifts for men, women and children