Find out what NSW GLRL has planned for this upcoming year

NSW GLRL announced Wednesday, 4 November, a new Committee of Management exists.

Current committee members were re-elected, and the names of the Committee members were released following the annual general meeting.  The re-elected members bring a range of skills and experience. Members include human rights and discrimination law experts, community development and mental health, and an artistic director.

Since the election of the new Parliament on 28 March 2015, GLRL shifted their focus to advocacy in continued steps towards legislative equality for gay and lesbian individuals and their families.

These steps are documented in GLRL’s Annual Report. It includes vital goals for the term outlined for parliamentarians.

These goals include

  1. Reform the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977, including removing exceptions and updating terminology and attributes protected to reflect the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act 1984.
  2. An inclusive health and physical education curriculum explicitly references LGBTI people.
  3. Ensuring community safety and appropriate oversight of NSW Police.
  4. Prohibiting the dangerous and discriminatory practice of conversion or reparative therapy.
  5. Ensuring the 78ers receive their long-deserved apology for the injustice suffered at the first Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

The report includes other organisational priorities for the upcoming year. It has worked on anti-discrimination, mainly removing exemptions for religious organisations, working with State and Federal partners to lobby for marriage equality, and continuing its partnership with Family Planning NSW in the Safe Schools Program combating homophobic bullying in schools.