Still from Cupcakes
Still from Cupcakes

One of Queer Screen favourite directors, Eytan Fox, hosts an evening of entertainment at the Event Cinemas with a public screening of a new feel-good comedy

As light and tasty as its title suggests, Cupcakes is one of the feel-good comedies of the summer. With music by Babydaddy (Scissor Sisters) and colourful styling à la Almodovar, this hilarious and touching film takes a Eurovision-style song contest as a jumping-off point for a moving story of friendship, music and community.

In Tel Aviv, six friends (gay, straight, successful and not-so-successful) gather every year to watch the Universong competition. Like most viewers, they are appalled by the quality of the Israeli entry. In an attempt to cheer up the heartbroken Anat – whose marriage is sinking while her business is thriving – they record a pop song on a Smartphone.

But when one member of the group enters the video in next year’s contest, the unlikely group is thrust into the spotlight as Israel’s new entry. How will the old friends survive the cutthroat world of the pop-music business?

Director Eytan Fox (Yossi & Jagger, Walk on Water) moves into new territory with this fun, musical and nostalgic evocation of a time when, as one of the characters puts it, “you borrowed a cup of sugar from your neighbour and stayed for coffee.”


We’re pleased to announce, after the movie we’ll keep the fun going at the cinema’s Set Bar, where the talented Joyce Maynge will get your uvulas going with free Karaoke and copious movie critique. Come and have a great night out with Queer Screen!


Date: Thursday 8 May

Time: 6:45 PM

Venue: Event Cinema 10 – 525 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

Price: $19.00 General Admission and $16.00 for QS Members.