Heather Peace, Credit Andrew Whitton
Heather Peace, Credit Andrew Whitton

Heather Peace is releasing her new album The Thin Line, and her first single We Can Change

Set to mark her arrival as an exciting new musical talent to a wider audience than ever before, The Thin Line is a soulful, organic pop gem that incorporates Heather’s love of 60’s girl groups, Motown and 80’s pop. It rightly puts her rich, soaring vocals at the fore against a backdrop of lush pop strings, melodic piano riffs and fat basslines.

An actress for 16 years, Heather recently left her role in BBC One drama Waterloo Road to make the album.

She said: “Music has been my first love since I began singing in church and taking piano lessons at five years old, but this is the first time I’ve felt confident enough to take a break from acting to give it my full attention. As soon as I was free from learning lines and a 12 hour day film-reviewsing schedule, the songs flowed and I’m over the moon with how it sounds.”

Produced by James Lewis (Arctic Monkeys, Superfood), the album was mostly recorded live then overlaid with brass sections, strings (by Cliff Masterson – Emeli Sande, Leona Lewis) and drenched in massive backing vocal harmonies from Heather.

“I love Dusty Springfield and 60’s girl groups and from the beginning James and I knew we wanted an album that was recorded in homage to Spector’s Wall Of Sound. We wanted big songs with passion and grit and lots of harmonies. I spent almost a day picking the perfect vocal mic and then it took me almost two weeks to arrange and then record the backing vocals that really bring the record alive.” says Heather

As with Fairytales, Heather wrote all of the songs on The Thin Line, but there are three co-writes with her friend Shelly Poole(Sophie Ellis Bexter, Bo Bruce), one with her guitarist Michael Clancy and one with Scottish singer/songwriter Michelle Sloan.

In the first single, We Can Change, Heather says: “We Can Change is my big gay anthem. It’s full of horns, funky bass and my favourite backing vocals. It’s for every kid that has ever messaged me on social media to say they’re being bullied. It’s basically saying, stop pointing out the differences and we can actually change the world for the better!”

News of The Thin Line’s release date and artwork Trended for three hours on Twitter, such is the anticipation from her fiercely loyal fans.

“As an independent artist, I’m so grateful and amazed by the support I have from my fans. They’ve supported me from the beginning and without them, I wouldn’t have come this far.”