Woman practicing YogaWe all know that a few days a week at the gym will make us feel happier, more confident, and our sex drive will start to pump.

Several studies have shown that exercise causes psychological and physiological improvement to our sex life.

Sex itself is an intense physical activity requiring strength and endurance. Exercising your sexual performance will physiologically improve because of the increased endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and also increased blood flow to the genital area.

It’s proven that women who frequently exercise are able to reach an orgasm faster and more intensely and the studies also show that fitter women rate their own sexual performance and sexual desirability higher.

Now technically speaking the increased sex drive with exercise is linked to higher testosterone levels. Elevated levels of testosterone can be found in women after eight weeks of weight training and with higher testosterone levels you will have higher energy levels, heightened sexual arousal, which will make you feel better about yourself elevating mood leading to higher sex drive.

Good workouts at moderate to high levels will cause the release of endorphins and adrenaline that cause an amazing feeling of pleasure and well-being increasing sexual arousal or even orgasm.

The combination of adrenaline with endorphins and with testosterone is known as a potent sexual cocktail!

So Let’s Start Exercising Ladies to Enjoy a Healthy and Happy Sex Life! But be careful…

Too much Exercise Can Have the Opposite Effect!

High-intensity exercises can actually deplete the body of sex hormones and will increase the production of stress hormones instead.

So, for an optimum sex drive, engage in regular exercise at moderate intensities, proper rest and sleep.