New LGBTI Fitness Groups To Put Fun in FundraisingAn innovative way to combine fitness, socialising and fundraising.

A new outdoor fitness program that aims to provide a healthy way for LGBTI* people and their friends to connect is set to raise money for LGBTI community safety initiatives.

The OutFit program has been developed by ACON, NSW’s leading HIV prevention, HIV support and LGBTI health organisation. All monies raised go towards initiatives ACON runs that reduce LGBTI-related violence and discrimination.

The program taps into the current trend for outdoor boot camp-style fitness classes. It builds on it by giving participants an added social experience with regimes designed to encourage social interaction.

The OutFit program is launching at 6 pm on Friday, 7 August, with OutFit Hyde Park. This location will be run by Hyde Park Bootcamp trainers Campbell Bannerman and Lap Win, who have a combined 20 years of experience in personal training.

At OutFit Hyde Park, participants can choose to attend one-hour sessions starting at 6 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Sessions cost $20, with $5 from each session going to ACON.

A 4-week membership with unlimited sessions costs $180, with $45 going to ACON. And first-timers get their first week for FREE.

Other locations will be brought online as the program expands. Trainers who are interested in having their OutFit groups are welcome to contact ACON to see how they can get involved.

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill says the Outfit program is an innovative way to combine fitness, socialising and fundraising:  “Providing healthy environments for LGBTI people to meet and connect provides a valuable alternative to more conventional places like bars and clubs. We hope that LGBTI people will embrace this new opportunity to get fit and at the same time help raise money to keep our community safe.”

OutFit Hyde Park trainer Campbell Bannerman says he’s excited to be providing a special service for LGBTI people: “It’s great to be teaming up with ACON to support the important work they do in our community and we’re really looking forward to helping our LGBTI clients get the most out of training with us.”

For more information about the OutFit program or to sign up for OutFit Hyde Park, please visit: