Unicorns FitnessNew, free bootcamp for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community!

Unicorns Fitness is a new, free, bootcamp style fitness group for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is a place to be yourself, work out, meet like minded people and have a reason to come together with fellow queers outside the ever growing Unicorns parties.

Unicorns Director Adele (Delsi Cat) Moleta developed the idea with Unicorns regular Ben Harberts as they wanted to build a positive, fun, community building activity, that didn’t necessarily have anything connected to partying.

“Lots of people want to feel the connection to community that a party brings but the loud music and bright light of a party are not something everyone can be around or enjoy” (delsi cat).

“Fitness is such a great way to build self confidence, body confidence and physical/mental health; however, gyms and typical boot camp groups are not always comfortable for people within the queer community; or are sometimes financially out of reach for some people – so we created Unicorns Fitness” (delsi cat).

Unicorns Fitness is run across Sydney and Melbourne and is led by two trans, qualified Personal Trainers. Unicorns Fitness Melbourne kicked off December 2017 and is led by the lovely Sam Dengate. “Fitness is an avenue to explore self love, self confidence and strength of character. No one should be excluded from that. At Unicorns Fitness we provide a safe and inclusive space to have fun while taking care of our bodies in all their beautiful shapes and sizes” (Sam Dengate, Unicorns Fitness Melbourne Trainer). At the start of each session, delsi cat kicks the session off with a pronoun round, get to know you activity, and a welcome to all the newbies within the group. Sam then takes it away with a 45 min boot camp style session that is tailored to work with the different needs of the group. Unicorns Fitness Melbourne is made up of the diverse community that we belong to. “In fact over 50% of our attendees identify as non-binary or trans, which is reflective of the need for these kind of queer inclusive fitness spaces” (Delsi Cat).

Unicorns Sydney launched early 2018 and is led by the wonderful Dibs. They meet on the first Sunday of every month and complete a similar style queer boot camp session. Dibs Daniel Barisic Šprem understands the need for these spaces within our community, “As a transgender, non binary identifying active person, I know how hard it can be to feel comfortable in a sporting environment. Especially when most gyms can be very binary, with the words “male” and “female” often used to pre-determine someone’s strength or fitness level.”

Fitness should be accessible, welcoming and encouraging of everyone!

“Unicorns fitness gives an opportunity for inclusive fun that celebrates our diversity and our diversity of bodies for all levels of fitness. It’s the most wholesome and camp boot camp” (Ben Harberts).

Anyone can come to Unicorns Fitness!