Tickets for ‘Margarita, With A Straw’ are on sale now!

The full program for Queer Screen Film Fest goes on sale on Wednesday 12 August – However, you can buy tickets for the queer film, Margarita, With A Straw now. The festival will present a diverse program of films from across the globe at Event Cinemas George Street, September 22-27.

Margarita, With A Straw

Saturday 26 September, 3pm


A much needed and long awaited exploration of the experience of being both queer and disabled, MARGARITA, WITH A STRAW is a tender tale of self-discovery and independence.

The persistent Laila, a talented writer wheelchair bound due to cerebral palsy, has just scored herself a scholarship to a New York University. There she meets Khanum, a blind out lesbian of Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent. Through the love which grows between them, we learn that there are many ways to defy what’s considered “normal” and that those differences can make us powerful.

With a score of film festival awards under her belt to prove it, co-writer and director Shonali Bose has constructed a truly mesmerising and honest film.

"MARGARITA, WITH A STRAW is so unexpectedly brilliant, on so many levels, that I was completely mesmerized." – The Huffington Post