Latina lesbian couple short filmThe story of a senior Latina lesbian couple is told in this gorgeous new short film.

The stories of older Latina lesbians are rarely told, so we are very happy to announce that the new digital short film Amigas with Benefits, an LGBTQ story with an unexpected twist, is now available for online streaming, and you can view it right here!

Set in Southern California, Amigas with Benefits is a sly comedy/drama about two older lesbians whose nursing home wedding is disrupted by an uninvited guest.

The film deftly combines heart and humor to tell a delightfully subversive story at the intersection of LGBTQ and elder rights.

“We’re so pleased to share Amigas with Benefits through this year’s Online Film Festival,” says Sandie Viquez Pedlow, Executive Director of Latino Public Broadcasting. “The festival is a great way for our emerging filmmakers to present their short films to a large audience that is passionate about seeing cutting-edge work from new and unique voices.”