DVD Cover of Tru LoveWhen love finds you, rules and roles don’t apply.

Feel like watching a lesbian film with a fresh storyline? One that’s evocative, compassionate and contains actual depth?

Well, Tru Love is the film that you should dedicate an hour and a half of your time to.

Kate Johnston and Shauna MacDonald’s delightful film is the winner of eleven LGBT awards and it’s not hard to see why.

Tru (Shauna MacDonald) is the love ‘em and leave ‘em type. A 37-year-old lesbian Casanova. A bit of a bed-hopper. She knows how to begin relationships; she just doesn’t know how to, you know, carry out the middle or ends. She’s flighty, commitment-phobey and changes jobs like she changes women. That is until her life crosses paths with Alice…

Alice is a 60-year-old woman of striking elegance and beauty, Alice has recently become a widow and seeking company. She has decided to visit her daughter Suzanne in the big city. Suzanne is the busy, corporate lawyer type who appears to have little time for her mother (she’s always either at work or bringing her work home with her) and so she enlists her friend Tru to “babysit”

Alice whilst she works. What she doesn’t expect however is for the two women to enjoy one another’s company quite so much. Initially, Suzanne fears that Tru (being the player that she is) will only break her mother’s heart. And yet there seems more to the irrational behaviour the uptight Suzanne begins to display.

Tru Love is ultimately a tale of love, loss and acceptance, as many LGBT films are.

However, it stands out from the crowd for its ability to maintain a fresh but believable storyline. This is all carried off by the honest and incredibly natural performances of all three lead women, tangible chemistry between Tru and Alice, a beautiful backdrop (you just want to breathe the location in) and an enchanting soundtrack.

Full of laughter, love and tears, Tru Love is a sparkling gem of a film

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