Indie Film: Her Side Of The BedWhich side are you on?

Indie movies do not always get the press and attention they deserve. Some of the greatest films of our time are actually independent pictures.

Without all the glitz, glam, and large budgets, indie films bring art back to the movie industry.

Her Side of the Bed is an indie movie that certainly warrants our attention. A story about friendship, love, sex and all the complexities that go with it, Her Side of the Bed is a unique story that is certain to tug at your heartstrings.

Rachel has just been dumped by her long-term boyfriend. Her best friend, Nicole, is determined to get her past her heartbreak.

Sometimes the line between romance and friendship gets blurred. That is exactly what happens to Nicole and Rachel. One steamy night between has the potential together benefit them or ruin them.

The girls must now begin to explore life, humanity, themselves, and each other. Raw and emotional, this film is unabashed in its examination of life and love.

Albeit a smaller, indie film, Her Side of the Bed is a memorable movie, to say the least.

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