Still from 'Ambrosia'
Still from ‘Ambrosia’

Ambrosia is an emotionally charged film that captivates you from the very beginning.

Sahar Biniaz plays Leila, a dutiful, and very busy woman. She is a wife, a business partner (with her husband), a waitress, and a fashion student.

She wears many hats, and she loves all of her roles. When she graduates from school and lands an opportunity at a major fashion firm, things only seem to get better.

Her husband, Ali, played by Camyar Chai, is happy for her and is very proud of his wife. He continues to run their business, a small Canadian pizzeria. Life seems to be going well.

As time progresses, Leila begins to find herself in an unusual predicament: her lesbian boss is hitting on her…repeatedly. It is awkward and uncomfortable, to say the least. Leila can’t say yes, but she also can’t say no. This is the beginning of a big downward spiral for Leila and Ali.

Hard economic times devastate the pizzeria. Ali has to fire his 2 employees, who have also become friends. He is working alone. He counts on Leila, but she is so wrapped up in her job and her own confusion, that she often lets him down.

Ali begins to become irate with clients. He has lost his normally jovial personality.

While Ali finds himself in the pits of anger and despair, Leila finds herself completely falling apart. She loves her job but is wrought with tension and confusion because of her boss, Sarah. She becomes rather ill. She is scared and depressed and completely overwhelmed.

After being sick for a while, Leila finally goes to the doctor. She is pregnant. Now, she faces the most difficult decision she will ever have to make.

Ali becomes so desperate that he puts their house on the market, but keeps the business open. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the couple. Leila can no longer deal with the angry Ali, and she resents him greatly for trying to sell the house (while keeping the business running).  Hurt, angry, and confused, Leila walks out. She never told Ali that she is pregnant.

The dark times seem to engulf the couple. Things only get worse. Ali finally sells the house and moves into a large RV. Leila has been staying with friends. She went to her appointment for the termination, but things play out unexpectedly.

When it seems that everything has crumbled, a conversation that turns into a confrontation between Leila and Sarah in the bathroom is the defining moment for Leila, her relationship with Sarah, and Sarah’s relationship with her partner.

Leila agrees to speak to Ali one more time. It is strained, but their connection is undeniable.

This film is anything but cliché. It is a deep, emotional film.

The storyline carries on through the characters, their actions, and their dialogues. It is wonderful to see a movie with such deep and powerful characters.  You see what they see, you experience what they experience.

This is not your typical lesbian movie, which makes it all the better.

Leila discovers who she is not through sexual exploration, but through time, triumph, and tribulation.

The lesbian aspect is prominent, but it is subtle. It is not overly focused on, nor is it warped or comical. It is simply there, which adds beauty to the story.

Ambrosia is a profound, poignant film with a storyline that is sure to impact you.

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