Underground film maker Beth B shines a light on the secret world of the burlesque scene in New York.

New Yorker Beth B was once married to Scott B, and together in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s they were some of the most significant filmmakers of the no-budget/underground style of film making.

Now Beth B has returned to the genre that made her infamous to deliver a candid new documentary, Exposed, chronicling the life an times of many of NYC’s underground performance artist.

Exposed provides an in-depth look at the subculture of contemporary, ground-breaking, new burlesque performers in New York today.

The film tells a story of character – a montage of big personalities who have held onto the classical art of burlesque and driven it to completely different extremes. In the documentary, many of the performers are looking to promote their social perspectives on their attitudes towards identity and gender.