Girl On Girl Premieres At Mardi Gras Film FestivalThis feature documentary Girl On Girl highlights feminine lesbian invisibility.

On Thursday March 2, the feature documentary Girl on Girl will have its premiere at the Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney.

Girl on Girl is a groundbreaking film that highlights the emotional consequences of feminine lesbian invisibility—the phenomenon that, due to their feminine or “passing” appearance, countless LGBTQ women are rendered invisible and assumed to be straight by the outside world and to each other. This concept has been widely overlooked in LGBTQ media.

The cast is made up of seven women who challenge assumptions of what society imagines a lesbian to look like and offer fundamentally different narratives of how invisibility has impacted their lives.

Each story intimately reveals that coming out on a daily basis is a repetitive act, not a one-time proclamation.


The cat features ‘celesbian’ Lauren Bedford Russel (The Real L Word: season 3), along with several other women from around the country, including New York, Florida, Utah and North Carolina.

This documentary is unique because of its overwhelming social media success.


The Girl on Girl Facebook community is made up of nearly 450,000 fans, of which 86% are women, and its posts have organically engaged millions of LGBTQ women and allies worldwide.

Girl on Girl proves its worth to the LGBTQ community on a daily basis. Recognised by lesbians internationally, the documentary has been generating buzz for nearly three years ahead of its release.