FAFSWAG: Auckland’s Underground Vogue Scene
FAFSWAG: Auckland’s Underground Vogue Scene

Inspired by the 1980 Harlem Vogue Scene, FAFSWAG employs dance performances to engage audiences with the unique Oceanic LGBT experience.

In a fusion of deep cultural connection, and gender/sexuality celebration, they create tonnes of different artistic expressions, unrestricted by genre.

But, perhaps what FAFSWAG is best known for, are their Vogue Balls. The FAFSWAG Ball is an annual celebration of epic proportions, featuring leading DJs and open call competitions in a number of theatrical and fashion categories, and Drag.

“Anyone who has been to a FAFSWAG vogue ball in Auckland knows the thrill, the power and incredibly inclusive energy you feel at their events,” said Frances Morton, Editor of VICE NZ. “Their live-loud philosophy is not only transforming the lives of people in the community, it’s changing wider society.”

Zealandia, as the documentary explores the deep cultural, social and political significance of FAFSWAG’s performative dance. Spending a week with the collective, we’ll be shown unparalleled insight into how art, dance, performance, and friendship offer a way to reconnect with identity and community, and the important role it plays in transforming their lives.

Zealandia is the latest instalment from VICE, the global youth media network. The series is set to look beyond the stereotypical pillars of the New Zealand identity, to present an honest view of the country and its surrounding oceanic islands.