Cast of the L WordWill you meet a Shane of your very own?

It’s rare that you read a Facebook event description that literally makes your heart flutter – however, queer party series Canned Fruit has managed to do it for us.

Canned Fruit is a queer, inclusive weekly party that happens at Secret Garden Bar on Enmore Rd every Wednesday night.

This week, (Weds, 26 July) in honour of the L Word’s relaunch, they have geniusly decided to make the party L Word themed.

Revellers are encouraged to “pay tribute to Better Porter’s collection of lesbian power suits and the rest of the gang (Jenny not so much).

We for one will give serious kudos to anyone who goes the whole hog and creates a manatee costume, in tribute to that bloody story Jenny became obsessed with writing.

Some other costume ideas for you could involve:

  • a chef’s outfit and a cute mop of red hair
  • tennis whites
  • a black leather vest as a shirt
  • just a pair of Calvins
  • a military police officer outfit (love you forever Tasha)
  • seriously any terrible early 2000s outfit


And even better? The team at Canned Fruit have created the beginnings of their very own Chart. Do you add your own name? Do you dare?