Poster Coolchange harbour Party Harbour Party gets a new look and fee that is certain to appeal to the girls…

A striking new poster image has been released today to herald CoolChange, the 2012 Sydney Mardi Gras Harbour Party presented in partnership with

Under the creative direction of renowned events supremo Gillian Minervini, the iconic Mardi Gras Harbour Party has been reimagined and refreshed. The rejuvenation of this legendary party called for a similarly dramatic new image, which has been created through another fruitful collaboration between Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, Moon Communications Group, and a range of queer creative talent.

The artwork released today features Australia’s most celebrated Drag King, Rocco d’Amore, in a spliced composition of masculine and feminine imagery against a lush, verdant backdrop. The images were shot by John McRae, with styling by Tristan Coumbe, Glitta Supernova and Nikki Russell.

Perfectly complementing the already-released Mardigrasland poster, the CoolChange poster features Rocco as two characters: an androgynous, Jean-Paul Gaultier-inspired sailor; and a red-lipped, swimsuit-clad retro pin-up. The juxtaposition of these characters perfectly echoes the balance between cool, relaxed cocktail vibes and all-out harbourside dancefloor hedonism which defines CoolChange.

The success of the image relied on close collaboration between the creative team, many of whom have worked together on projects in the past. Hairstylist Nikki Russell said about the shoot:

“Working on the CoolChange shoot was a fantastic experience, and a chance to exchange ideas with some of Sydney’s finest creative minds.”

Speaking about the challenges of creating two distinct characters in a single shoot, Nikki continued:
“(Rocco is) such a professional, versatile model – with a bone structure to die for – it made the transition between looks a dream.”

Rocco, the legendary Drag King who performed alongside George Michael at the 2011 Mardi Gras Party, said about the photoshoot:

“Working with Tristan, Glitta, and Nikki was amazing – I have worked with these 3 on a performance level and to work with them in this capacity was truly awesome. And of course working with Mardi Gras is always an exciting opportunity for me.”

CoolChange is a fresh new direction for the iconic Sydney Mardi Gras Harbour Party, one of only two events held annually at a stunning harbourside location in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Featuring DJ Lee Dagger (Bimbo Jones), Olivian DJ, Kate Monroe, Troy Cox, Random Soul, Richard Weiss, performances by Paulini and more, this is the CoolChange you’ve been waiting for: an unforgettable party experience filled with amazing DJ talent, sensational performances, cocktails al fresco, and a fireworks finale that will shower the city skyline with pride!