Giant Dwarf’s regular comedy/erotic fan fiction night gets inspired by Netflix’s GLOW.

For those of you who don’t have Netflix, or are for some reason opposed to female wrestling, the latest streaming TV series to take the world by storm is GLOW.

GLOW stands for the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling.

It’s about a rad, diverse bunch of unemployed female actors in LA in the 1980s, and the camp, ridiculous, weirdly empowering scripted wrestling television show they co-create with a skeezy male TV producer.

As many have already noted, GLOW is great, but it is missing one thing that makes it pretty hard to believe.

For a show that is predominantly comprised of women living and working together in leotards, slamming each other around a small wrestling ring, not one of the characters is gay, or even bisexual.

Giant Dwarf Theatre in Sydney’s Redfern is on a mission to remedy this oversight with its far more lezzy GLOW iteration, GLOE (The Gorgeous Ladies of Erotic Fan Fiction).

It’s a special edition of Giant Dwarf’s regular comedy and erotica evening, where fabulous comedians and thespians come together to reimagine their favourite texts as absolute smut.

This time it’ll feature none other than the wonderful Jordan RaskopoulosGenevieve Flim FlamOnj Lav and Virginia Gay.

If it means that we’ll get to hear about sexy lesbian lady wrestlers, you can guarantee we’ll be there.