Canberra SpringOUTCanberra Pride presents SpringOUT, a celebration of Queer culture

Topped and tailed by signature events Fairday and Bushdance, the two week festival is crammed with events for all ages to meet, watch, learn, flirt, cook, dance, swim, listen, discuss, network, sing, inquire, eat, drink and soak in the best of the ACT?s queer culture. Exciting highlights of SpringOUT 2013 include:

  • In conversation with Mark Tedeschi: Crown Prosecutor Mark Tedeschi talks about one of the least known criminal trials in Australian legal history. On July 5, 1920 Harry Crawford was charged with the murder of his wife Annie Birkett. But Harry was not, in fact, Harry. He was Eugenia Falleni, a woman who had lived as a man in Australia for 22 years.
  • Sally plays a gig: Get up close and personal with ARIA award winning pianist Sally Whitwell. Whitwell?s repertoire is diverse, inventive and surprising. Her musicianship is sublime and transportive.
  • QUILTBAGS: a queer night of storytelling Queer; Unidentified; Intersex; Lesbian; Transgender; Bisexual; Asexual; Gay; Straight QUILTBAGS is a night of stories in the city of acronyms. Join Melanie Tait, presenter of ABC Radio
    National?s ?Now Hear This? as she shares the stage with a group of generous Canberrans who will captivate their audience through the timeless tradition of storytelling.
  • Victor Victoria: Screening of the classic 1982 musical comedy in which Julie Andrews asks,?You want me to be a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman?? Sparkling amongst the diamantes and high kicks are some sharp and prophetic observations about gender perceptions, discrimination and the battle of the sexes.