Shelley Hill in hospital
Shelley Hill in hospital

After being advised by her doctor not to take malaria medication.

Byron local lesbian Shelley Hill contracted malaria after spending a week in Cambodia volunteering at an elephant sanctuary.

She’s facing amputation of both her hands and possibly her feet. In such extreme circumstances, all the blood in the body rushes to the vital organs to keep the body alive – leading to necrosis similar to gangrene in the extremities.

Shelley is seeking legal advice. Her doctor advised her that malaria medication was unnecessary, as she’d be visiting Cambodia during the dry season. Malaria advice is often complicated, as the side effects can include nausea, blurred vision, and anxiety. When the risk of exposure is extremely low, the side effects from the medication can outweigh the likelihood of contracting malaria.

Shelley was taken off life support last week, however still needs assistance breathing, as well as daily dialysis.