Between WomenBetween Women, the number 1 LGBTQI web series is asking for help to raise $100k to film a movie!

Between Women TV will publicly announce their campaign, asking their fans and supporters to help them raise $100k to make the web series a movie.  Tag Team Studios, the production company, has included distribution in this cost and is looking for a major network to pick up the series, to have the black LGBTQI on national TV.  Tag Team Studios wants to see the black LGBTQI community widely represented in mainstream media.

While the web series was wildly successful, the production company lacked financial resources to acquire proper distribution and continue production on the second season. The Kickstarter campaign is set to go live at 7 pm EST and will count on social networks to spread the word and get the community involved to donate.

Between Women is still ranked number one, even after their shortened second season, Sarah Karian from Buzz Feed has reported. The show is in high demand especially after winning many awards nationwide from the best director, best actress, best web series, and best writer for Michelle A. Daniel, also the executive producer and creator of the show. This show has incredible potential and their beloved fans are ready to throw their full support behind this campaign to see Between Women reach its full potential.