A Dirty Hen$ is shaping up to be bigger than Willy’s wedding.

A Dirty Hen$ night just keeps getting better and better with four unique spaces all themed to take you on a marriage journey you will never forget.

Your dirty Hen$ passport on Friday, September 23rd includes:

  • The Hen$ Den of Debauchery
  • The Vegas Wedding Chapel
  • Q Bar – The Reception Hall
  • 34B – The Dirty Wedding night

The evening kick starts with a trip to the Dirty Hen$ Den of Debauchery where, upon parting with a little cash, you can have your pre-wedding jitters swept away with a team of lap dancers and strippers. Step into the pit for the personalised experience and one on one performance. Watch out for Dykes on Bikes minders who will be ensuring the performers are respected, but they are guaranteed to delight! And the best part, all funds gathered in garters will be donated to Australian Marriage Equality. So stock up on those fivers and enter the Den of Debauchery from 10 pm.

After a suitably Dirty Hen$ experience it’s time to apologise to the one and only and whisk her off to the Vegas Wedding Chapel for that quickie wedding to secure the deal. The Chapel has pure original retro music complete with an Elvis ceremony. Sign up on the night for the mass Elvis wedding at midnight hosted by Naomi “ELVIS” Palmer. Do you love her tender enough to tie the knot?

What wedding wouldn’t be complete without the Wedding Reception? Live shows on the hour till 2 am, with Wedding Singers including Shauna Jensen and Hip Hop artist Sammy G. Wedding Burlesque shows from the cover girl of the Dirty Hen$ campaign: Pretty Strong Lady and the fabulous Asha Zappa. Coming out of retirement for a very special Wedding serenade is Drag King hero Hans Sparrow with a version of Bruno Mars “Marry You” you won’t forget. Of course, it wouldn’t be a dirty wedding without strippers, so strap in for an opening show to thrill and a closing “Double Trouble” show to leave you panting. The wedding reception will be musically complemented by big room DJ’s.

Of course, after every wedding comes the Dirty Wedding Night, where you get to sweat, bump and grind into the early morning with Extra Dirty DJs. This is pure uninterrupted sex on a dance floor and the naughtier the dancing the better.

Who are your DJs for the evening?

•    Feisty
•    Cunningpants
•    NatNoiz
•    Beatrix
•    GI Jode
•    Sandi Hotrod
•    Kate Monroe
•    Kelly Lynch
•    Mags
•    Bel West
•    Jay
•    Craig McKellar

Throughout the Hen$ gala will be roving performers from the Love Police and Mistress Beaver to ensure you are in a dirty mood. Watch out for these interactive performers who will certainly take frisking and spanking to a new level. And don’t forget the Dykes on Bikes are hosting their infamous Wet T-shirt competition on the night. Will you be dirty enough to get your girls (boys and girls) out for equality?

A Dirty Hen$ night is a fundraiser for Australian Marriage Equality where all DJs, Performers, Organisers are donating their time to raise funds for Australian Marriage Equality. AME is actively campaigning to make marriage available to all Australians and this fundraiser helps to pay for the expenses involved in lobbying, campaigns and polling. Funds raised will help the media campaign leading up to the National ALP Conference in December.

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