depressed girl sitting with her head down RUOK? Day on September 15th is a national day of action. Find out more.

RUOK? The day is a national day of action coming at us this Thursday, which aims to prevent suicide by encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about and help stop little problems from turning into big ones. Kinda like the It Gets Better Project over coffee.

RUOK is asking everyone across the country, from all backgrounds and walks of life, to ask family, friends and colleagues: “Are you OK?” on September 15th.

RUOK reminds us how crucial it is to stay connected to others, and that feeling isolated or hopeless can contribute to depression and other mental illnesses, which can ultimately result in suicide. Regular, meaningful conversations can protect those we know and love. So pull up a chair and have a convo with the people in your life.  Starting conversations like this aren’t always easy. Get some tips here.

To get in the spirit let’s hear what Hugh Jackman has to say about the day. He’s so dreamy! (But wouldn’t we prefer this message coming from Amber Heard in her bunny suit?)