Mel Ree
Mel Ree

A poetic call to healing, Mother May We delves deep into the mind and heart of a first-generation Australian woman, the daughter of a black mother.

Her intergenerational pain and trauma are brought to the surface when she learns of her mother’s death and is faced with the pain of the complex relationship they share. Blaming her mother for her problems, she begins to process the loss whilst dealing with her turmoil and everything that comes with it.

Set under the gaze and power of a full moon, Mother May We open a portal for grief and trauma to heal and invites the viewer into the depths of her anguish. How can she heal from the past pains now that her mother isn’t here? How can she love herself when the person she is, comes from the person she hates?

Broken mothers are cornrows too
Tight against the scalp, too black for freedom;
too much of her is so ugly I can’t bear to
Kiss you in the daylight; I have her mouth.

Part of the prestigious Griffin Lookout program, which celebrates the best of independent Sydney theatre, Mother May We are the debut solo show of Mel Ree.

Prominent in the spoken word scene, Mel is the creative powerhouse and host of Revolution Renegade – a space for BIPOC Queer Excellence. A regular curated night for the community to gather, hold space, heal and nourish the soul.

Expect bold and sharp, raw and honest. Mother May We will take you on a journey of truth and pain, but not without a little (or a lot of) sass and the true meaning of love.


SBW Stables Theatre – 10 Nimrod Street, Darlinghurst

DATES: Wednesday 28 September – Saturday 8 October

PERFORMANCE TIMES: Monday to Saturday at 7 pm; Saturday at 1 pm.