DeAnne Smith
DeAnne Smith

If you haven’t met her already, meet your favourite new comedian DeAnne Smith

Award-winning comedian DeAnne Smith is back on our shores with her brand new show “Livin’ the Sweet Life,” which is touring now. Her sixth solo show is about how sweet life is – and could be. DeAnne Smith has been making us laugh ever since we came across “An Honest Lesbian Relationship” and we’re thrilled she’s back to Oz. She sat down with us to talk laughter, Bonds underwear and what a girl has to do to be serenaded by that ukulele of hers.

How does it feel to be back in Australia?

Sweet as! Sweet as what, I’m not quite sure. Sweet as…a seemingly unfinished Australian expression.

It has been said you look kind of like Harry Potter, kind of like a hot librarian. Which description is more accurate?

I have a very small head. When there are pictures taken of my head next to another person’s head, I can very easily look like a goitre growing out of their neck. So, it’s fair to say I look like Harry Potter, a hot librarian, or a goitre, depending on the angle. They’re all accurate descriptions.

What can people expect at your shows?

What can they expect is hilarious jokes, lovely little ukulele ditties, and good times. What they can not expect is me accidentally pouring grape juice on them, making a Mexican wave of party poppers in the audience, or getting my crotch in their face. (All of which can, have, and occasionally do happen.)

Why are the girls hotter in Australia than they are everywhere else in the world?

I feel like Bonds underwear has a big role in Aussie girls’ level of hotness. Mmm…Bonds.

You have won awards. Which one is most prominent on your mantle…or wherever you keep them?

I love the golden cock I received for winning Best Newcomer at the Sydney Comedy Festival. I keep it on my desk, next to the beaver I got at the Canadian Comedy Awards. THIS IS TOTALLY TRUE.  Ah, comedy.

What’s a girl gotta do to be serenaded by you and your ukulele?

Almost nothing. Ask anyone who was wandering around outside The Melbourne Town Hall at the festival. I was on the street serenading the passersby. Wait…um, no. I mean, a girl has to cook me a delicious dinner. Yeah, dinner. Someone, please cook me dinner.