Still for 'Hit & Miss'
Still for ‘Hit & Miss’

Get acquainted with Chloe Sevigny as Mia in the talked teaser for ‘Hit & Miss’

We cannot wait to see scene-stealing, wild-eyed Chloe Sevigny in the new, provocative DIRECTV series, Hit & Miss, premiering July 11 on DIRECTV’s Audience Network. The eccentric actor will be playing Mia, a contract killer who just so happens to be keeping a secret from those who know her: she’s trans.

Mia’s world becomes entangled when an ex-girlfriend from her past calls with a huge surprise: Mia fathered a son years ago when the pair dated. Mia must now delve into her past and mix her dangerous career with the unfamiliar territory of caring for her new family.

Hit & Miss is the highly-anticipated creation of award-winning screenwriter and producer Paul Abbott, who also brought us such shows as Shameless, Coronation Street and the State of Play. 

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