Our favorite apparel company has just wrapped a nationwide road trip.

TomboyX, the Seattle based clothing company that started with hip boxer briefs is getting bigger—and spreading the news across six states and eight cities in a nationwide tour. TomboyX, which creates comfy menswear-inspired clothing for women, is the brainchild of married co-founders Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez.

“We hear a lot from our women in uniform, sports enthusiasts, and so many women who used to borrow their husband’s boxers – but they didn’t fit right. It all began when our good friend Carma brought us a pile of her men’s boxer brief undies she has worn for years.

She’s a police officer and traditional women’s underwear just didn’t work well under her uniform. She shared all the nitty-gritty details (beyond the obvious) of what was wrong.

We decided something had to be done. Our ‘Good Carma’ boxer brief is named in her honor. In keeping with the police theme, we call the shorter version the ‘Feeling Fris

With over 73,000 Facebook friends and counting, they realized it was time to meet their loyal customer base. So they headed across the U.S., in a custom-wrapped RV, for the “Not Your Granny’s Panties” tour.

“We love our fans, and we are very excited to get out there and meet them, and to show off our undies!,” said Dunaway, CEO.

“When we first envisioned the RV Road Tour, we had no idea what the experience would include. We planned on connecting with some of our most loyal customers, and introducing our brand and products to tomboys along the way.,” said Dunaway.

“What we found in our travels was beyond our wildest dreams. We found strong, empowered women everywhere we went. Tomboys with pioneering spirit—artists, athletes, mothers, musicians—all strong women who were active in their communities, being change-agents for good.”

“We feel very fortunate to be a part of this movement of empowerment by making clothes that support all women to feel authentically themselves in their own skin,” added Gonzalez. “ And they look so cute in our undies!”

Customers are not shy about sharing their experiences of wearing TomboyX apparel, either. “Customers send us photos and stories every day about how much they love and appreciate the range of styles, and the joy of feeling comfortable in their own skin,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said that during the tour they posted updates via #NotYourGrannysPanties, and also using the TrackMyTour mobile application on the TomboyX website so that customers could be a part of the conversation, even if they couldn’t join the tour.