same-sex-marriage-hawaiiPromotional Video Targets Same-Sex Destination Weddings

On November 13, 2013, the Great State of Hawaii made history with Governor Neil Abercrombie’s pen stroke on a bill making same-sex marriage legal in Hawaii.  Two local businesses on Maui catering to the LGBT community have jointly produced an incredible video promoting Maui as a Same-Sex Wedding and Honeymoon Destination.

Since the law’s passage in mid-November, the two Maui businesses catering to the LGBT community have collectively arranged for over 50 same-sex couples to wed, with over 85% out of state.

The Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort and had partnered since late 2011, when Civil Unions were legalised in Hawaii.   ‘With Maui being a top US destination for weddings amongst opposite-sex couples, the passage of the marriage equality law will prove for Maui to also be a preferred destination for same-sex couples’ said Frank Miholer and Kevin Rebelo, owners of  ‘Hence the collaboration to produce the video entitled ‘Marriage is for Everyone, Say I Do On Maui’, said Chuck Spence, Owner of the Maui Sunseeker LGBT Resort.

The video promotion was produced by Adi Ell-ad, owner of Adiwood Studios and featured two local Maui couples.  Deborah Vial and Caron Barrett of the Deborah Vial Band and Kevin Kirn and Brad Edwards, owners of Hawaiian Style Adventures, are the two couples featured in the video.  The video also features Llevellyn Lightsey, owner of LightSea Images Photography and Kevin Rebelo, principal of

The promotional video will be featured on many online travel websites, wedding magazines, and agencies catering to the LGBT community.  Reel Gay TV, a company. It is broadcast in many gay bars and clubs across the US and Canada. Has.. also agreed to run the video in its story about Maui and the recent Maui Pride Weekend.