Minkanak Pussycat PantsMinkanak has you ‘covered’ with their innovative pussycat panties.

The idea for ‘Pussycat Pants’ was conceived in summer 2014 when they came across a great image  – a selfie of a cool (as in hot) looking gal wearing……pussycat pants.

“They’re not a new idea – we’d seen similar stuff before, but it was mostly no longer available: and what there was, was of questionable quality. The image that had caught our interest turned out to have been photoshopped, so no cigar there either….Solution? We decided to produce them ourselves and set up a brand producing cat-related apparel that combines sass with quality.”

These aren’t just a bit of naughty fun, they’re actually going to be comfortable! Imagine the laughs you could have on a night out on the town with a pair of these babies hidden under your other clothing?!?

That is of course unless you would prefer to just go full nudie and rock out with your puss out!

Minkanak Pussycat Pants is a collection of comfortable but sassy, lingerie made from a Poly/Spandex mix, laser-cut so as to eliminate those pesky Visible Panty Lines.

They achieved the level of quality by working with a specialist manufacturer – a factory team that makes panties, and nothing but, to the highest of standards. They also supply a number of global megabrands.

​These are sure to be the statement panty of 2015 so make sure you back these pussy(cat) loving ladies and get your paws on them too!