An enjoyable action adventure story mixed with some sweet romance.

Hudson Mead is a badass AP reporter who has seen more than most, and survived it. In her recreation time she goes extreme skiing with her buddy and cameraman. This year it’s the Alps, and they are taking the scenic route. Librarian Steffi Graham seems like a bit of a wallflower. First time abroad, new to extreme climbing, lacking self-confidence and way beyond her comfort zones. But when a train wreck forces them to work together to try and save the survivors it is their complimentary skills and resources that keeps them going.

This is a good solid cross between a romance and an action adventure. The plot keeps moving along, from the slow build to the wreck and the multiple and various attempts to survive and get rescued. While the scenario is extreme the action is well thought through and planned, and the individuals and their actions are realistic and true to their natures. I never really doubted their survival, but that doesn’t detract from the enjoyment.

The characters are well drawn and three dimensional, even the baddies have validity and the wide ranging cast before and after the wreck make an interesting read. The main players are well developed and hold together with realism and veracity. Hudson and Steffi are great. Strong, independent, recognizable women who are in some ways complete opposites but in others have a resonance in their strength.

The romance is slow and sweet, nothing more than growing feelings and a promise, but it adds to the tale and gives force to their determination. The development of the characters under duress, both individually in their own right and as a couple, gives a huge emotional backdrop to the main action plot.

Well written, well researched – well done. My first Kim Baldwin and wont be my last.. thoroughly enjoyed this – now going to have to go and read Force of Nature.