Book Cover for Unbreakable

Unbreakable By Cary Hunter

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elle spencer

The Holiday Treatment By Elle Spencer

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas read, “The Holiday Treatment” should be top of your list for Santa.

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Under A Falling Star By Jae

Great example of an excellent Romance.

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Maggie Brown's

Mackenzie Beat By Maggie Brown

An exciting Australian Detective story with nonstop action and a great cast of characters—fast paced, complex, and with some interesting twists.

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Thorn by Anna Burke - Book Review

Thorn By Anna Burke

Thorn is a lesbian feminist fairy-tale with a vengeance, highlighting the power and vulnerability of women, the expectations of society and the literal battles, both emotional and physical, that women fight to be themselves.

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Review: Love All By Rachel Spangler

Love All By Rachel Spangler

The tension in this story is palpable.

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Book Cover of Beowulf For Cretins Review - Ann McMan

Beowulf For Cretins By Ann McMan

Beowulf for Cretins is not a laugh out loud comedy, more a comedy of errors; producing a constant deep-belly rumble with occasional eruptions of uncontrollable chuckles.

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Book Review: 'Chosen' by Brey Willows

Chosen By Brey Willows

Whether you like fantasy or not you should give this book a go.

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Book Cover of Compass Rose By Anna Burke

Compass Rose By Anna Burke

Set in 2513 this dystopian fantasy, in the lesbian pirate sub-genre, was hard to put down.

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Lee Lynch

Rainbow Gap By Lee Lynch

Lee Lynch has constructed a story that creates a movie style landscape in your mind.

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