Great example of an excellent Romance.

Solid, well-written and charming romance. Jae just writes good stories. This has a clever take on a traditional plot, interesting tension and development, and is perfectly crafted as always. This is as ‘trad’ romance as you can get, and set as an office romance to boot, but she manages to make it new, refreshing, and hold your interest. I couldn’t put it down.

Full of wit and humor with the occasional laugh out loud comedy moments, Jae has a subtle style that draws you in and just carries you along. Truely amazing given English is not her first language.

Great cast and, as always, well thought through character development, I particularly relished watching Dee grow and Austen come out of her shell. Really enjoy how Jae can take such disparate types with unequal social situations and forge them into a balanced partnership.

The setting, a high-powered corporate world inhabited by an obnoxious self-centered corporate dynasty, is both realistic and convincing. Despite the appearance of a Trad romance and the belief we would be given a happy ending, especially in a Christmas novel, there was still a level of tension that made it a page-turner.

Heart warming romance, brilliant writing, one not to miss – and a perfect for a cold winters night.

Under A Falling Star By Jae