Remember-that-curveRemember That? is a short film made during 2020 lockdown with actors filming themselves at home on smart phones

A group of friends show concern when another friend goes AWOL after some bizarre text messages.

Through a string of video calls, a friendship that had waned begins to show the embers of something more meaningful.

Written & Directed by  Aella Jordan-Edge, Aella wanted to create a modern love story set in lockdown, which explored characters confined to their homes but digitally connected more than ever.

The script was also inspired by past video calls with partners during stints of long distance.

She was particularly interested in the way these calls would sometimes feel intensely intimate, bubbling with chemistry and potential… chiming with the old proverb “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

Remember That? is a human drama that captures what BRETT (they/them) and SENNA (she/her) are feeling at this specific moment in time, cleverly using the couple’s dialogue as a mouthpiece to express what feels like collective thoughts of the here and now. It’s a kind of 2020 time capsule wrapped up in a hopeful queer love story.

Despite it’s unusual medium, it utilises hyper-naturalism to draw you in.

With authentic direction, subtle acting and engaging editing this piece evokes a feeling in the viewer that we are not only watching these characters in real time, but also that we too are a part of the couple’s unfolding relationship.

REMEMBER THAT? Short Film Made in Lockdown 2020 from Aella Jordan-Edge on Vimeo.