Book Cover for UnbreakableOne of the great joys of reading brilliant books by outstanding authors is seeing the author grow and develop.

Cari Hunter has always written superb books, from Snowbound onwards they have captured the imagination and shown both strong writing skills, ingenious plots and an empathetic understanding of human nature.

Unbreakable takes her writing to a whole new level. Previous works have been action adventures and cop dramas. This new novel skilfully manages to merge the two from three different women’s perspectives without falling into any sense of confusion, repeating timelines or throwing the reader off with the different voices. The three main characters are diverse, interesting, intense and disarming. It’s impossible not to like them, will them to a safe conclusion and a HEA that seems impossible from the first chapter until the dramatic finale.

The pace of the action is breathless at times. I literally sat up all night and read it in one sitting… page-turner doesn’t even come close. Every tiny detail is meticulously worked out and I can’t think of a single loose end – something I hate – despite an incredibly complicated multi-layered and multi-crime plot. There are some stunning twists and turns that take us on a fast-tracked dog-legged journey across the country, back in time and encompass special ops, medical and police action.

I rarely give 5 stars, but this one is an absolute slam dunk – or maybe a perfectly dunked choccy biccy as Cari is more likely to say.

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