Book Cover for The Song in My Heart By Tracey RichardsonIf you like traditional romance novels, this is for you!

Dess Hampton had it all — fame, fortune, and the stardom she always wanted. But even before her voice was silenced, the shallow lifestyle and loneliness of fame had made her triumphs seem hollow. After losing her music, she has retreated into her own very private and shielded world.

Erika Alvarez is so new she is raw, but with the most amazing talent and stunning looks, she only needs luck to make it to the top. Against her better judgment, Dess agrees to help her get started, even though she knows the dreams are not worth the cost.

As these two amazing musicians start to build a working relationship, their synergy is almost overwhelming. But Dess never wants to face the limelight again, while Erika dreams of little else. There is no way to reconcile their differences, despite their growing desires.

Tracey Richardson has produced another great “trad” romance. The characters are well drawn and realistic, the settings varied and interesting, and the experience of life on the road gives a great backdrop to the developing emotions.

While on one level it is a very straightforward love story, we get to see the deeper side of an artist dreadfully hurt by the loss of her voice and the callous abandonment by her lover/manager. Her withdrawal is complete and the fear of ridicule an obstacle that will take every ounce of her courage to overcome.

On the flip side we have an upandcoming star who has worked her whole life to achieve the fame the older woman has already achieved — and given up. Her journey is one of growing up and seeing the dream for what it is.

Between them there is an almost electric spark and extremely fiery passion. This is definitely not “fade to grey” — the sex scenes are steamy without being gratuitous. All Ms. Richardson’s books have an erotic element, but this one is definitely the hottest so far.

Well written and well put together. This is a good read, a great story, and a sizzling romance.

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