Cover How Still My Love By Diane MarinaIf you like a traditional romance – then this book is for you!

Beth has settled into a happily single life after a long-term and abusive relationship. But when her persistent-won’t-take-no-for-an-answer friend Laurel insists on setting her up with one of her colleagues from work, Beth eventually goes along on the blind date just to stop her from talking about it. What she didn’t expect was to fall head over heels in love with the stunning Toni, and in true stereotypical lesbian style, start planning a future with her almost immediately.

Before long the ‘perfect happy couple’ start to hit a few roadblocks as they learn more about each other, and realize that their individual hopes and dreams for the future don’t look much alike. The cracks begin to appear and soon after Beth has managed to create what seems to be an impassable abyss.

It is from this point that the narrative really picks up, and what had been a bit of inconsistent pacing – and at times a lack of plot and character development – really hits its straps and the story draws you in. The characters take time to grow personally, find who they really are, and work out what is really important to them. If you are a fan of the traditional ‘happy ending’ romance – then you will most likely love this book.

Diana Marina has written an enjoyable first novel for fans of this genre – the girl meets girl, girl loses girl, girl wins girl back storyline. There’s humor and wit, laughter and joy, sadness and tears, and just the right amount of heat in the sex scenes to keep it ‘interesting’ for all!