book cover of BL Miller's Accidental LoveA good solid old school romance. Worth the read!

This is a reissue of BL Miller’s 1999 trad romance but a new one for many readers. Despite its age, it isn’t dated in a factual sense and felt as valid as any current romance.

The characters are solid. Well developed and likeable, if a little is more m/f in their roles than many more modern stories. Veronica Cartwright is the rich CEO of a large corporation, repressed by family expectations and a promise to her father. Rose Grayson is the poor white trash, a product of the fostering system with no prospects and little hope but a heart of gold. When Veronica accidentally ploughs down Rose as she runs to escape predatory men on a snowy evening, it begins a tale of caregiving and growth for both women.

The romance is extremely traditional, with the slow build, the determined standoff by the older, experienced lesbian and the gradual awakening of the younger inexperienced straight woman. There is an element of old a fashioned May/November love story, or the more stereotyped butch/fem roles of the ’50s and ’60s. But that doesn’t detract from a well-written romance, as long as you like the very traditional storyline.

The supporting cast is small, with only sister Susan and housekeeper Maria really filled in, but both are well done and Maria, in particular, is a charming character who we would all like to have running our homes. Other characters include the jealous and reckless younger brother, the self-centred mother and the evil crone foster mother. Again, stereotypical, but well-done nonetheless.

The first edition was criticised for extremely bad editing and print production. This edition is clean, well written, well-edited and the e-book, at least, without fault. A charming read of the old school will definitely appeal to those who like a slow build and happy ending, definitely a good way to spend your evening as the autumn draws in.