The Best Gift I’ve Ever Received: Loving Another Woman

The joy of giving and giving yourself permission mis the greatest gift of all.

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Tough Gay Marriage Setback from New Orleans–of ALL Places

Is this Judge for real?

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Should We Be More Concerned About Tobacco Health Risks?

Sports Medicine Health & Fitness Specialist, CJ Mann speaks out.

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This Beautiful South African Woman Was Somebody – She Was One of Us

Duduzile Zozo, 26, from Johannesburg, South Africa who was a victim of "Corrective Rape" and murder

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AIDS candlelight vigil

Flight MH17 Crash Victims Remembered At Melbourne Vigil

Flight MH17 crash victims remembered at Melbourne Vigil.

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Texas Politicians Favor Gay-to-Straight Conversion Therapy

Ignorance is NOT bliss for LGBT Rights.

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How it ultimately affects everyone.

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Lesbian Rape And Murder In My Own Backyard

Every now and again I get a reminder as to why I need to fight so hard for Gay Rights.

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The LGBT Community Deserves To Hear More From The Pope

The LGBT Community Deserves To Hear More From The Pope

We don't need to be 'converted' or 'saved'...

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The TRUE Story Behind Gay Pride Day

It wasn't a pretty rainbow back at the beginning...

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