Duduzile Zozo, 26, from Johannesburg, South Africa was a victim of “Corrective Rape”

Lost for words over her murder…

*Warning: Sexual Assault Themes*

As a writer there are very few occasions where I am at a loss for words–but I was when I came across this story of a young and beautiful lesbian girl named Duduzile Zozo, 26, from Johannesburg, South Africa who was a victim of “Corrective Rape” and murder. It happened two years ago, but I’ve never heard of her story before, it just accidently popped up on my laptop as if Duduzile wanted to make sure her story was heard ONCE AGAIN. I heard her–so I managed to find the words.

In June 2013 a group of male villagers raped Duduzile with a toilet plunger, then killed her and left her dead right there in her home she shared with her three sisters and mother because she was lesbian. What a horror to unfold–it is beyond imaginable. It is not uncommon for men villagers to beat, punish and use forceful “Corrective Rape” in what they deem trying to “Fix” a person’s sexuality–or even kill them, like in Duduzile’s case.

The most distressing thing is that stories like Duduzile’s are happening on a regular basis in MANY countries or villages today. I don’t care what culture, country or religion a person comes from–this kind of abuse and torture is the universal language of sheer hatred of the worst kind–and it is NOTHING short of UNCIVILIZED AND BARBARIC! It is even beyond ‘animalistic’ because animals kill for survival–not for malicious intent.

She was just an innocent, young woman– but because she was Gay she was synonymous with the devil in these people’s minds and archaic cultures. To be gay to them is to be so detestable that they torture us with pleasure. Simply put, to be gay is the begging for trouble in these backward countries. I wonder how and WHY these cultures–especially in this day and age –continue to abhor us. A time when education about the LGBT community is so widely available in ALL countries. A time that is several years PAST the terrible atrocities like Apartheid and the Holocaust. These indelible scars in the history of mankind all seem to be erased in these cultures or countries who refuse to evolve from their primitive past and beliefs.

So, why do WE need to know Duduzile Zozo? Because she was one of US and HER story could’ve easily been one of OUR stories if we lived in her village. The ONLY difference is that we either live in a more accepting country OR we just stay hidden. Duduzile’s horrible tragedy not ONLY stands for EVERY LGBT victim–but for EVERY African person ever raped, hung or shot during Apartheid, for EVERY Jewish person who was starved, tortured or executed during the Holocaust–for EVERY, SINGLE person who has EVER been a victim of a Hate Crime ANYWHERE or at ANYTIME.

I so wonder WHY the world’s past history is not ENOUGH for many of these people or leaders of these unliberated countries to EVER CHANGE their views and laws to become more Compassionate and HUMANE! Why isn’t the United Nations upholding “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Act” that THEY THEMSELVES created in 1948 after the Holocaust SPECIFICALLY to protect ALL innocent human beings, including the LGBT population, from these horrific crimes against HUMANITY ever happening again? (See blow link.)

What will it take? I wonder how many MORE LGBT people around the world have to die or be abused before the world finally accepts us, protects us and gives us our DESERVED Human Rights? I can only pray not ONE more–but unfortunately, my heart says there will be much more, since many of these countries like Africa and Russia are continuing to create laws that make being an LGBT person a highly punishable crime– even sentencing them to life in prison or the death penalty!

May we never forget Duduzile and ALL the countless, nameless others who lost their lives from such horrible inhumanities–but hopefully their deaths will NEVER be in vain! There are STILL millions of other LGBT people in these countries that can still be helped and protected. Only until ALL people and nations of this tiny planet finally stand together will there be any hope to eliminate these terrible atrocities. 

Dunduzule wasn’t JUST a Lesbian–she was someone’s daughter, someone’s sister–she was a beautiful, innocent HUMAN BEING! SHE wasn’t JUST one of the LGBT community–Dunduzule Zozo was a part of EVERYONE!  I can only hope the rest of the world soon realizes that as well. 

Rest in Peace dear Duduzile Zozo–and we’re truly sorry our past history wasn’t enough to save you–we’re sorry your government, family or friends couldn’t protect you, we’re sorry we didn’t know you to help–but actually, we do. Regardless of where we each came from, our races or religions–you, Duduzile, were not only OUR  BELOVED LGBT SISTER–but you were EVERYONE’S SISTER –who we will NEVER forget.

Duduzile’s tragic story was indeed a hard one to tell, but one that needed to be told–for it cannot be stressed enough the importance of supporting Equality for our LGBT sisters and brothers throughout other nations of the world–For THEIR fight is OUR FIGHT! See below for more info–and ALL the ways you can help this VERY important cause. 



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