More raves about“Radiant Women – simple steps to better menstruation and menopause.”

Doctor’s recommendation …….

“I met Wendy at a book publishing seminar and spent a bit of time talking to her about her work and what she has written.  I also had the opportunity to look through her book ‘Radiant Women – simple steps to better menstruation and menopause’.  

As a doctor I am very careful about not recommending practitioners outside my area of practice as I am not in a position to comment.  

However Wendy impressed me with her integrity, years of experience and commitment to her patient’s best interests.  Most of all however I was impressed with how practical and informative her book ‘Radiant Women’ is for women going through menopause because it addresses this need women have to understand their bodies for themselves.

I would recommend it to any woman ‘going through the change’ who has doubts or questions about this stage of life.

Dr. Rowena Witham, BMBS.  November 2009, Sydney.


Naturopath recommends:

Wendy has done a brilliant job combining theory with the practical for women’s health.  This is enhanced with her ‘workbook’ style that will have you taking an honest look at your health and assist you to develop an action plan that suits you NOW – where ever you are in your reproductive life and health.

Not only does Wendy provide a beautiful embrace of the feminine she will also give you back a strong sense of empowerment that is every woman’s birthright.

This is a fabulous tool for any practitioner to assist them with a clear snap shot of their patient’s health and health goals for the health conscious woman who want more out of life and to take charge!

Congratulations Wendy for creating this workbook and congratulations to all your readers for taking responsibility for an enhancing their health.

Katherine Beaumont ND.
Wife & Mother
Author:  ‘Secrets of Female Entrepreneurs Exposed”.


Magazine review………

“….(Radiant Women book)…is one of the best and most common- sense volumes on this vexed subject I have ever seen.  It treats a difficult and sometimes complex subject simply, gently and with a great deal of humour….”

Living Wisdom Magazine, Issue 4/2009,