Ignorance is NOT bliss for LGBT Rights.

There are two kinds of ignorance–there's the innocent kind with those having no real choices or opportunities to learn, like from a cultural difference or a language barrier–and then there's the kind like the Texas GOP, who have what I'd like to call "Selective Ignorance" because they have NUMEROUS opportunities to learn–and yet they still CHOOSE not to. Especially in regard to those Texas Politicians who fully support "Conversion Therapy" to help turn gay people straight, proposed by the Texas Eagle Forum. 
These anti-gay politicians or religious conservatives (no real difference there) remain obstinate, and unwavering in their negative views and opinions toward the LGBT population and STILL believe that we can change our sexuality and simply "pray the gay away." They refuse to listen to reason, personal stories–or even to the experts. Experts like the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Psychiatric Association, American Medical Association, Association of Social Workers and the World Health Organization (I think that just about names them all!) These highly reputable organizations have proven through studies that anti-gay Conversion Therapy or "Reparative Therapies" are not only ineffective but are downright dangerous.
With those who were engaged showing 6x more depression and 8x more suicide attempts than other LGBT individuals who lived their life openly.
But, why should those Texas Politicians listen to ALL THOSE GUYS? AHHHH! It's just "Selective Ignorance" to the Max!
In fact, I'm pretty sure you'd have better luck potty training a guinea pig (which I have) than enlightening those politicians. Yes, indeed, the ones that annoy me the most are the highly intelligent, educated people who ACT less intelligent and uneducated– especially when it comes to the LGBT community and our rights.
This piece would bear no credit if I didn't mention the quote from Ignorant culprit numero uno –Texas governor Mr. Rick Perry who when asked if he believed sexuality was a disorder said: 
"Whether or not you feel compelled to follow a particular lifestyle or not, you have the ability to decide not to do that… I may have the genetic coding that I'm inclined to be an alcoholic, but I have the desire not to do that, and I look at the homosexual issue the same way."
No, Mr. Perry, you have the genetic coding to be profoundly ignorant–but I thank you for being the prime example for this piece and, I'm quite certain you will become the true "Lone Ranger" from your archaic beliefs. But the scary truth is that our fellow Americans continue to support these discriminating politicians. So, misery isn't the only thing that loves company, apparently Ignorance does too!
Yes, they like to do things BIG in Texas–and now it unfortunately includes discrimination. But, I have to say in many Texan's defense, they couldn't wave their cowboy hats in the air fast enough against these GOP politicians and said– "Hey, please don't think we all think like these ignorant politicians!" Many Texans say that Austin is one of the most gay friendly places in the nation. But the problem is Texas is BIG–and Austin is small. BUT thankfully, Texas is small in comparison to the rest of the country– and its hurtful policies are going to be eaten up faster than you can ride a bucking bull. Those GOP Texans are indeed destined to lose–and Texas will surely be "The Lone Star State" of LGBT rights if they continue these terrible tactics. 
Unfortunately, the LGBT Texans are the ones who have to suffer the consequences until the rest of the US Human Rights Calvary comes marching in to save them. Like a Gay Civil War of sorts. But hold on tightly to your saddles my fellow LGBT Texans– as certain as my sore bum from my last trip to the Dude Ranch– I'm confident your help is indeed on its way! NY State and other states are currently proposing laws that would make "Conversion Therapies" illegal to minors (it should be illegal to EVERYBODY!) and it will surely stampede across the states. 
Mathew Shurka, now 26, was sent to "Conversion Therapy" by his parents as a teen–and he agreed because "he was scared and confused about his attraction to men…and says he is still emotionally scarred by the experience."  His "Conversion" therapists (quacks) told him to masturbate a certain way while watching 'heterosexual porn' and was actually told to stay away from woman (including his mother and sister) to not pick up ANY feminine traits– and hang more with the straight guys and "learn" how to act from them. Needless to say Mathew barely spoke to his parents during this time period and only recently reunited with them when they finally accepted his sexuality–and now they have a great relationship.
Bottom line, Gay Conversion Therapy is not only ineffective–but extremely ABUSIVE. However, therapy to help a person understand their sexuality and come to terms with it is indeed a good idea to BUILD their self-esteem–not deflate it by FIGHTING to change who that person truly is. These "Selectively Ignorant" TEXAS GOP politicians had better wake up to a stiff cup of cowboy coffee and start listening to the experts before we lose any more beautiful LGBT souls. It's really no Joke! I could assure you–Ignorance is the most blissful to the devil indeed. As best put by Wayne Besen, who runs the nonprofit organization Truth Wins Out, told Newsweek this past May–“It’s malice disguised as medicine.”
*And a parting song–(my GAY rendition of "Home on the Range"):
"Oh, give me a home where the LGBT's can roam,
And the queer and the politicians can play,
Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word 
And the skies are not cloudy all day–
Home, Home on the range where
They finally stop praying the gay away~
And the Texans will sayyyy–its OK to be gayyyy–
And the skies have a Rainbow Flag flying all dayyyyyyy!!"