Ruby Rose Rises Up About Break FreeRuby Rose responds to negative comments on her viral video.

Ruby Rose recently released her debut video Break Free to rave reviews within the LGBT community. The video, she explains, is “about gender roles, Trans, and what it is like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo” and is a progressive, insightful comment on gender fluidity and LGBT freedom of choice.

But the Australian DJ/Model has not been immune to negative feedback. With the Internet giving everyone an anonymous voice, her controversial video has inevitably been victim to trolls and accusations from that small pocket of society that hasn’t yet caught up with the LGBT movement.

Hitting almost 500k views in one week, the video on gender fluidity has attracted attention from around the globe, with responses resoundingly positive. But of course, there’s always an exception.

Negative comments accuse her of everything from not identifying with the trans community properly all the way through to just plain ignorance.

One Youtuber offered this uneducated input:I don’t like this videos idea of a male image. Aggressive, vulgar, cocky, tattooed, smoker. These aren’t gender attributes.

With another choosing to essentially undermine what Rose is trying to approach in this comment:F*ck off man. I swear to god this whole militant liberal politically correct and completely clueless attitude towards male and female has gone way too far.”

It gets worse. Amongst the overwhelming supportive and grateful feedback on Ms Rose’s video, the feed is littered with some unbelievably unhelpful comments that only confirm that we have a long way to go in helping the LGBT-phobic public understand our right to our lifestyle choices. Some comments give opinions, but others are just petty jabs.

“You’re going too far, it’s confusing.

So Ruby Rose has responded. In Cosmopolitan Australia she answered the ignorant in this statement: “You know what needs to stop just as much as homophobia, bullying within the LGBT Community… A ‘bisexual’ isn’t just greedy… ‘Pansexual’ exists and isnt a cop out.. ‘Straight’ people can be huge gay advocates and blessings to the community…

Proving that she leads by example by accepting all pockets of the LGBT community and actively supports our right to choice. She continues, “You can identify as trans without surgery, you can be gender fluid… In fact guess what… you can be whoever you are and like whoever you like and WE should spread the love and acceptance we constantly say we don’t receive.”


Cue round of applause.


Although Ms. Rose supports all opinions and feedback, she’s confirmed that she will not tolerate trolling, saying,I will delete any inter fan/follower bullying.. because it’s so backwards and does not belong on my page.”

We as the gay community are obviously open to people’s perspective on their choices, and all advocate acceptance. Ruby Rose handles the opposition with class, understanding and an invitation to those negative voices to look a little deeper. Something that is becoming, thanks to role models like her, more and more common within the straight community.